General Information about Zabrze

General Information about Zabrze

A fairly quiet town in the heart of Silesia, Zabrze is not generally numbered among the most spectacular places in Poland. Nor is it a mecca for tourists any more than its neighbouring towns of Bytom and Gliwice, each of them having a sleepy and dormant appearance. Notwithstanding all this, Zabrze is able to defend itself with its very special air – one of pubs and bars filled in the evening with teenagers enjoying their free time after school, one of slippery cobblestones and hundred year old red brick tenant houses producing smoke from their chimneys and mingling with their more modern counterparts, and finally a memory of the perspiration and hard work from work was undertaken in the old mine.

How to access to Zabrze town

To access Zabrze by flight, the Katowice airport is the closest place to land off.

From Japan, you can access to the Katowice airport via Warsawa, Frankfurt, Munich, and etc.

From Europe, there are many local direct flights.

From Katowice airport: take a taxi (ca. 30-40 min) or bus & walk (ca. 40 min)

From Katowice city: take a train (ca. 20 min to the Zabrze station) or taxi (ca. 15-20 min)